Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What Luck

I have the worse luck at times and the best luck at times. It's starts with mark getting a new job, well the job lasted and week and the owner did not pay him for that week. So we fell behind.. He found a new job within two weeks from the last job. And a few weeks in to the new job. Our car is repo'd.. Good news is some beady friends send me some feel better gifts.

Next I dropped my iPod and it shattered the outer screen.. The next day Christina from Feng beads announces I won her fraggles giveaway. I have only won two online contents, first was Lori Anderson's Ebook. And the fraggles. I am blessed. I absolutely love my new online friends.

On baby news, Mason is learning to climb up in to the chairs. :) he is almost two. Timothy is wanting to get down and move it like big brother. And even though she is not a "baby", my daughter passed in to 7th grade. This is a blessing. She has been through allot of emotional hard ache this past year.

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Anonymous said...

My son's name is Mason too! He just turned 22. Your Mason is very cute.