Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day

I had a wonderful Christmas. I got to see my kids faces light up, and see Mason ignore all the hub-bub to watch television. Below you can see a few treasured photos from Christmas morning.

Christmas Eve Present.

Christmas Eve Present

Panda Head!!

Watching Timothy try to open everybody presents.

Being told he can only have one.
 Mason was allowed to play with the wagon for Christmas Eve, He went to bed earlier. He had a busy day playing with a friend.

Christmas Morning!!

Before the kids attacked it.

The ONLY thing she wanted for Christmas. A  Bamboo Drawing Tablet.

Santa bought both the boys a My Pal Scout. It is adorable.

Opening his Mega Blocks.

Caillou came on, and we were forgotten about..

Opening her body spray.

Drooling on a new toy.

Embarrassed by the personal care gifts.

Opening the boys Shared gifts, Mason left us to watch TV.

Opening her jackets, from Nana.

Came back to watch Caillou.. Not interested in his presents.

Not really wanting to open them.

Opens it to make parents happy.

Smiling at her Lemonade Mouth DVD

Still working on the same gift.

Playing with his toys.

Setting up the gift Mason took 20 mins to open.

Inspecting the Mega Block table.

Christmas is hard work.

Deciding if his toy is cooler, or brother rattle is..

Opening Timothy's present.. Mason is playing with the DVR.

Playing with the truck.
 I have video of this toy falling on Timothy when he started opening it. It scared him and he ran (crawled) away. He didn't care to open it anymore.
Playing with his new toy.
I hope you enjoyed looking at some of the photos I took. Sadly we took the tree down after gifts were opened. The boys would not leave the balls alone, if you look at the bottom of the tree photo, by the blue recliner, most of the balls are missing,  I will post the video at a later date. I will have two more blogs before the new year.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas

I am slowly wrapping up Christmas shopping. The rest is to make items for family members. I had a Guardian Angel this season. With out her my holiday would have not existed. In November Mark was let go from his job.

And this looked grim for the holidays. I will have two to three more blog posts before my year end review.  I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season!