Friday, February 22, 2013

The Gossiping Goddess: THEA too Birthday Giveaway...

The Gossiping Goddess: THEA too Birthday Giveaway...: GIVEWAY NOW CLOSED - THANK YOU This coming Friday it will be one year since I opened the virtual doors on my Etsy component shop THEA ...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Focus On Life: Hearts & Feel The Love (5/52 and 6/52)

I was naughty and missed last weeks Focus on life post. Not that I purposely missed it. I actually did not see any hearts around me at first. And when I did see some sweet little hearts sprayed painted on the road, I did not have my camera.  So after a afternoon of doing laundry and hanging up towels and blankets, They do not fit in my mini dryer.. I looked down at the grass that is turning a vibrant green and saw a patch of clovers in the dirt. Ran inside and grabbed my camera and took some pictures.

I also have two valentine tins that are covered in hearts. Mark dented one of them and the other is in the van. He is not home right now.  I plan to make bead caps with them. But have been delayed.

 The Macro setting on my point and shoot camera is not best and It was very uncomfortable to crouch down and take photos.

Now on to this weeks post.

 Feel The Love 

I feel allot of love from my three kids and my soon to be husband. Mark and I are planning out actual wedding date, well the day that we will get a marriage license. We will not have anything fancy, no wedding dresses and such. Just something very intimate, most likely at his mom's house. So seeing this is a photo prompt post. I shall leave you with pictures of my three kids.. Thank you for stopping by..


Mya and Timothy


Sunday, February 3, 2013