Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Menu

Pineapple-Orange Cranberry Sauce
 So this is what I plan to make for Thanksgiving Lunch/Dinner.. :) I am so excited, This is Timothy's first thanksgiving and the first I am fully cooking on my own..
Sweet and Spicy Meatballs
 Mark also has requested to have a ham along with his turkey. And my daughter wants "Chicken" stuffing.
Rosemary Turkey

Sweet Potato Casserole
  We will also have Green Bean Casserole, Collard Greens and Corn Bread,  Mash Potatoes, Pumpkin Bars,
Fruit and Nut Salad
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!! I will be sure to snag photographs of the kids enjoying the meal.. I may also have some new to share after the holiday.. Nothing that can be discussed right now.
Baked Macroni

Friday, November 2, 2012


I should be packing. We are moving from our three bedroom apartment to a four bedroom apartment. I am excited and worried at the same time. I like the apartments but they are so old that in walls are block. And no carpet.. Yeap.. It is quite hard to keep the white tikes clean with two mobile babies. I need to invest in rugs..

Halloween was a quiet night. I did not give out candy. And tried to get my boys in costume.. They were not having that. I will post what few good pictures later this week.

I live the cooler seasons. But I ALWAYS get a cold sore/ fever blister.. I hate them. Glad I am basically a hermit and do not leave the house much..

I have added a few things to my etsy shop. I try to bead every night. That does not always work out. Lately I have been very depressed and insecure.