Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What Luck

I have the worse luck at times and the best luck at times. It's starts with mark getting a new job, well the job lasted and week and the owner did not pay him for that week. So we fell behind.. He found a new job within two weeks from the last job. And a few weeks in to the new job. Our car is repo'd.. Good news is some beady friends send me some feel better gifts.

Next I dropped my iPod and it shattered the outer screen.. The next day Christina from Feng beads announces I won her fraggles giveaway. I have only won two online contents, first was Lori Anderson's Ebook. And the fraggles. I am blessed. I absolutely love my new online friends.

On baby news, Mason is learning to climb up in to the chairs. :) he is almost two. Timothy is wanting to get down and move it like big brother. And even though she is not a "baby", my daughter passed in to 7th grade. This is a blessing. She has been through allot of emotional hard ache this past year.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The 6 Annual BSBP

I am so excited to say I get to join in the Bead Soup Blog Party. Hosted by the delightful Lori Anderson. I signed up last year but was cut from the list.

Lori suggested that all her participants blog about how they started designing jewelry. My story is simple. I started making cellphone charms. Bought a Stringing Magazine, and fell in love. I saw the great Lorelei, Andrew and Cynthia Thornton. I slowly built up my bead stash. And made little things. I dream of the day my name would be listed in a magazine with these talented people.

I have been lucky to chat with some of these wonderful designers on Facebook.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beads And A Gift

Its already Tuesday. And exactly one month from my 34'th birthday. I can't believe I am that old... Yikes..

It would make a wonderful birthday present to win a set of beads from Lorelei. She is hosting a giveaway of three bead sets, Beautiful beads. I am hoping for the set from Humblebeads. I have admired her work for a while.

 I was unable to attend the Bead and Button Show this year. My husband felt bad so he purchased beads for me last month. Well within the past two weeks they all came in. He is such a wonderful man. While he was getting his truck looked at he bought me these two beads.

Owl and Pink glass pearls with glass bicones

This was his first time buying beads with out me with him. I don't think he did to bad.

Blue sunburst and fall colored bell flowers
Pink button flowers, blue and yellow  glass beads and fall colored leaves

Brass butterflies, small and large red cathedral beads.

I also received a wonderful gift in the mail, a beautiful handmade necklace and earring set from Diana Keever.

I adore owls and this is just beautiful. The white looking beads are actually a light blue.
She was also so sweet to include some loose beads for me to play with. I absolutely love them, cant wait for a actual date with my husband so I can wear the set with out babies grabbing at it.

Beautiful wire wrapped bead, A girl focal and various loose beads in blues and greens.

I hope you enjoyed my little gifts from friends and family. i am blessed to have them. I also did a small bead swap with the wonderful Lori Anderson. She is such a wonderful person and I adore talking to her. Well I have children yelling for me. I will blog again tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Love Of A Child

I am a mother of three, my oldest is 13 and my youngest is 5 months today. I do not think I could live if something happened to my children.

Mason Zane born Oct 12, 2010
I do know how hard being a teen mother is, I had my daughter in my late teens. Its a struggle and you can feel alone. I suffered PDD  when I had Mason. I don't know why. But It was a dark time and I felt so alone. It faded and I never once had a thought to harm my child.  I have read stories online the past few months that infuriate me.

A young mother got high and left her 5 week old child in his car seat on the top of her car. She drove away with out noticing the missing child in the back seat. Her baby was discovered hours later in the road.  This report made me mad.
Mya Nicole (13) swimming at Grandmothers

I have also read that a 22 year old mother killed her child for crying while she was playing Farmville... Another mother let a professor she met online rape her 5 month old daughter while she watched. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!

Mya Nicole (11) and Mason (3mo)
The worse was last night. I have heard about this video and wanted to dismiss it as a rumor. Mya came out of her room last night hysterically crying. She watched a mother beat her 8 month old baby, while being recorded and others stood around and watched. I watched this video while I held Timothy. It made me physically sick. This woman beat her baby with a pillow, tried to break her arm and leg, pulled her hair, and slapped her in the face/head. This poor soul crawled to this woman and wanted comfort. She shoved her away and continued to beat her.

Timothy Brayden born Jan 6, 2012

I cried and hung on to Timothy, and prayed for this baby.

I did not sleep last night, I kept seeing this poor baby being abused, and wondered if she was still alive. These women do not deserve to be mothers. The love of a child is something sacred. I know someone who is struggling to have a baby. And she would be a wonderful mother. Instead innocent souls get born to monsters.

Mason Zane (18 mo) and Timothy Brayden (4 mo) Easter 2012

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Mother Of All Messes.

I have seen allot of posts of wonderful messy studios. I do not have a studio, I have half a kitchen and a small bit of the laundry room for my chaos. We live in a small three bedroom apartment and I needed some where that I could block off from the hands of a toddler. My desk area is pure chaotic pandemonium.

The lap top has a cracked screen so I have to use a TV, my husband bought for me. It is just as scary as it looks and only gets worse. As the photo below will show. I will be attempting to tame the mess and try organization. The finish photos to follow. It is such a drab boring area..

Today is laundry day.. so it adds to the mess..