Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I have only heard from two of my winners.. As soon as I hear from the other two I will divide the winnings up and mail them out.  Until then make sure you check out this giveaway. It's really awesome.  Have a wonderful Monday!!  

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Loss Of A Loved One

Bandit Banderson Woods/Stamper
I got Bandit from a co-worker when I worked in the Money Center at the Lake City Walmart. That was three years ago. He was the first dog that I had. He was named Bandit by my daughter, Mya, she wanted to call him that because "he stole my heart". He was a spunky little dog who had over sized paws.
His first gift, from my bestie Dixie. And his bed.
When I met my husband two years ago he also fell in love with Bandit and would call him "Beater B". He was the one who house trained Bandit. I would just spoil him. Bandit was my baby and followed me around everywhere. He would scratch the bathroom door if I locked him out. When we would leave home he would lay on the back of the couch until we came back. He was a very loving dog and loved to chase our cats around. He felt the strain when I was pregnant with my first son, Mason. He became very depressed. Once Mason was able to play with him, he snapped back to his loving self.  He allowed Mason to tug on his ears and tail.
He would allow mason as a toddler to pull his fur for a kiss. Mason would open his mouth and say "awh" while Bandit licked his face. He would rather give his dog sugars than anyone else. Bandit would get stepped on or kicked when it was dark in the bedroom. And he still loved us. lol. We love him very much.
Sadly bandit was attacked by our in-laws dog and a stray dog. My husband rushed him to the vet. Bandit died this morning. He will be missed. We love you Bandit!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cousin Giveaway Winners

I had my husband pick four names from a bowel.  The following people need to contact me at stepha78 at gmail.com.

1. LuvLivsOn
2. Julia Johnson
3. Kym Hunter
4. Caroline Andrews of Sunline Metalz

I am sorry that it took me so long to post the winners. I have had a sick family and helped my mom move the weekend.  Congrats to the winners. Please come back for another giveaway in a few weeks. Have a wonderful week!