Sunday, February 26, 2012

Giveaways All Around


Lori Anderson (Pretty Things) is hosting a double giveaway. A lucky winner will receive either Chez Glass mix or a seed bead mix. You have up to for chances to win. Leave a comment, Blog about the giveaway, Twitter and Facebook it.

Now on to my Giveaway. I am in the mists of packing to move yet again. This time to our own apartment. My husband bought me a inventory program and insists that I get ALL my jewelry stuff inventoried before we move. So to shrink what I have to lot in this program. I am giving away Cousin pendant and charms. along with some bead caps and other goodies. I will Select FOUR winners.

1. Leave a comment with your name, email and blog address. (one entry)
2. Facebook and blog about it. (2 entries)

Below you will see what the goodies are.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I am a very happy girl right now. My husband bought me a 19 inch flat screen tv, to use as my computer screen. My laptop screen is broken. I love my laptop. It is where my pictures are kept. I am getting use to the small print on this new screen.

In other news we are moving in to a apartment and I am super excited. The boys will have to share a room for a while. But Nicole will get her own room. Things are getting stressed living with his mom and step-dad.

 Timothy is a month old now, I cannot believe that I have two kids still in diapers. I decided to try the Nuva Ring this time. I am not entirely sure how long it has to be in your body to start working, I am *hoping* it works right away. If not their is a *BIG* change we will be expecting baby number 4 in the fall. I do not want three babies in diapers.

My wonderful daughter, Nicole, has told me I will have one more baby and it will finally be a girl. I sure hope she is not right. She told me when I was pregnant with Mason that we would have another baby, and I found out I was pregnant six months later.

I am planning a giveaway of most of my Cousin charms. I sat down with my bin and emptied it out keeping some and putting what I had doubles and triples of in a bag. I will pick four winners, If anybody enters.  I should have that blog up tomorrow. I am aslo planning a bead give away with a black glass bead. I bought a strand offline and they are big beads. I have no idea how you  would use this, and am curious to see how others would use it.  That blog will be after I move in to my apartment.