Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Love Of A Child

I am a mother of three, my oldest is 13 and my youngest is 5 months today. I do not think I could live if something happened to my children.

Mason Zane born Oct 12, 2010
I do know how hard being a teen mother is, I had my daughter in my late teens. Its a struggle and you can feel alone. I suffered PDD  when I had Mason. I don't know why. But It was a dark time and I felt so alone. It faded and I never once had a thought to harm my child.  I have read stories online the past few months that infuriate me.

A young mother got high and left her 5 week old child in his car seat on the top of her car. She drove away with out noticing the missing child in the back seat. Her baby was discovered hours later in the road.  This report made me mad.
Mya Nicole (13) swimming at Grandmothers

I have also read that a 22 year old mother killed her child for crying while she was playing Farmville... Another mother let a professor she met online rape her 5 month old daughter while she watched. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!

Mya Nicole (11) and Mason (3mo)
The worse was last night. I have heard about this video and wanted to dismiss it as a rumor. Mya came out of her room last night hysterically crying. She watched a mother beat her 8 month old baby, while being recorded and others stood around and watched. I watched this video while I held Timothy. It made me physically sick. This woman beat her baby with a pillow, tried to break her arm and leg, pulled her hair, and slapped her in the face/head. This poor soul crawled to this woman and wanted comfort. She shoved her away and continued to beat her.

Timothy Brayden born Jan 6, 2012

I cried and hung on to Timothy, and prayed for this baby.

I did not sleep last night, I kept seeing this poor baby being abused, and wondered if she was still alive. These women do not deserve to be mothers. The love of a child is something sacred. I know someone who is struggling to have a baby. And she would be a wonderful mother. Instead innocent souls get born to monsters.

Mason Zane (18 mo) and Timothy Brayden (4 mo) Easter 2012


Jenny said...

While I agree with every word you said, I do have some good news to deliver. Here is a link to a follow-up story from a reputable source:

The good news: the mother's friend cared enough to videotape the incident on her cell phone and go to the police with it. Also, the mother was sentenced to 18 months in prison and the child is doing well in foster care. The incident happened in Malaysia, so I have no idea how to predict whether she'll ever get the child back or not. But so far, a terrible wrong has been addressed, and we can only hope this child's future will be better than her past. Most of the time, we can't prevent the terrible things that happen, but we can try to rectify them. I once worked in the local coroner's office, and we received a 4-year-old child who had died from child abuse injuries. The only good news there, was that it was finally over for him. Others had to know. . .but no one spoke out in time to save him.

Stepha said...

Thank you so much for the update. This video has burned itself in to my dreams. Now my mind can rest easy knowing she is safe. :) And thank you for your visit, I will return the favor. :) said...

I too, can't watch the news any more, and haven't for some time. As soon as I hear something similar to the stories you described, I feel physically ill and hopeless. For awhile I tried to combat those feelings by giving to various causes that worked to educate and prevent situations like these from happening, but year after year, my heart grows sick when the stories keep coming.
All we can do is pray, as this form of evil requires more than what mankind can rectify.

JeannieK said...

Things like this make us appreciate everything we have and not to dwell on the bad. You are a very loving mother and your children are happy and safe, what could be better than that?