Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beads And A Gift

Its already Tuesday. And exactly one month from my 34'th birthday. I can't believe I am that old... Yikes..

It would make a wonderful birthday present to win a set of beads from Lorelei. She is hosting a giveaway of three bead sets, Beautiful beads. I am hoping for the set from Humblebeads. I have admired her work for a while.

 I was unable to attend the Bead and Button Show this year. My husband felt bad so he purchased beads for me last month. Well within the past two weeks they all came in. He is such a wonderful man. While he was getting his truck looked at he bought me these two beads.

Owl and Pink glass pearls with glass bicones

This was his first time buying beads with out me with him. I don't think he did to bad.

Blue sunburst and fall colored bell flowers
Pink button flowers, blue and yellow  glass beads and fall colored leaves

Brass butterflies, small and large red cathedral beads.

I also received a wonderful gift in the mail, a beautiful handmade necklace and earring set from Diana Keever.

I adore owls and this is just beautiful. The white looking beads are actually a light blue.
She was also so sweet to include some loose beads for me to play with. I absolutely love them, cant wait for a actual date with my husband so I can wear the set with out babies grabbing at it.

Beautiful wire wrapped bead, A girl focal and various loose beads in blues and greens.

I hope you enjoyed my little gifts from friends and family. i am blessed to have them. I also did a small bead swap with the wonderful Lori Anderson. She is such a wonderful person and I adore talking to her. Well I have children yelling for me. I will blog again tomorrow.


Patti Van said...

Well, it is 6 months until my 52nd birthday, and I cannot believe how old I am, too!!!! Life certainly flies by in the blink of an eye, dosen't it! Wonderful goodies you received! Congrats and happy early birthday!

Pretty Things said...

SWEET! I got those pink flowers from Bead and Button so it IS like you were there!

Stepha said...

It made me smile to see we had the same beads.. :) not sure what I will do with mine. Probably go in the horde box. :)