Sunday, July 29, 2012

6th Annual BSBP, Reveal One

I am late posting my BSBP photos. I would like to thank Lori Anderson for accepting me as a participant. I would also like to thank my partner Norma Turvey for sending me the most beautiful soup. I did not take the best photos during this fun time. Which I have learned my lesson. :)

This is the lovely box that my soup was in.
I love the box that Norma placed my soup in. Once I have used up all the beads I will move this box to a special place to be admired. :)
The brown and tan beads mix beautifully.

I had a ball just looking at these beads and even brought them to my bed and decided what I was going to designs, One necklace was created in my bed while the baby slept in the crib next to me.

These lampwork beads and clasp are just beautiful.

I did not use all the lampwork beads nor have I used the beautiful headpins. I am new to wire wrapping and would not want to mess them up.

The brown stone focal is beautiful. It makes me smile when I see/touch it.
Now on to what I designed with these beautiful beads. I am still planning to use up the rest of the soup once my wrapping skills advance.

Brown crystals, Brown and Black rounds and gold seed beads
This was the first bracelet made, I love the crystals. I have to change clasps this one is a cheap thing that keeps sticking.
I made this chain out of jumprings, The clasp was a gift from Patti Vanderbloemen
I used the gold seed beads and pearl like beads to make two stacks of dangles. The chain is made out of simple brass and gunmetal jumprings.
Here is the second bracelet I made, With handmade chain
I used jumprings purchased from Lori Anderson and basic brass ones, I thought the clasp Norma sent was to beautiful to be at the back of a necklace. So it is used as the focal in this simple bracelet.

Red leather lace, and my beautiful focal.
This is a very simple necklace, It has various pearl dangles, round dangles, and crystal dangles. I am new to using leather lace and had issues wrapping the ends. :)

This is the first necklace I created. The clasp was from Patti Vanderbloemen

I created this necklace in bed. I  had to restring it a few times and finally decided to add chain that I had purchased a few years ago and horded. The glass rounds  were purchased from the Lovely Lisa Lodge.

How the necklace hangs.

I am down to the last necklace designed. And I am surprised I did not make any earrings. I will have to make some. :)

This is one of the beautiful lampwork beads Norma sent.
The chain was a gift from Mark, for my birthday, I added two drops, one of flowers and the other is a blue and orange crystal. I hammered the end of the wire to keep them in place. The lampwork is coverd by yellow crystals from Lisa Lodge. And It was an attempt of wire wrapping. One more picture.

How this necklace dangles.

My photographing skills need work and I need better props. I do hope you enjoined your visit, And will be visiting all your sites through out the week.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Color Blog Hop

Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasure, hosted a destash and blog hop for those who purchased a random bag of beads. I fell Iove with the bag of beauties she sent me.

My color was pink and peach. I am late at posting this as always. I made three pieces and still have some beads left over.

Below you will find my lucite bracelet a shell necklace along with a freshwater pearl necklace.

Thank You for visiting my blog. :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

34th Birthday

I turned 34 on the 12th of this month. And I am not ashamed of my age. I have had three beautiful children and found my soul mate in those 34 years.

I was surprised by a gift from a new friend. She sent me two wonderful books along with a portion of her beady stash. I have also received a handful of beautiful handmade tiles from a wonderful Marie of SkyeJewels. Along with a care package from the beautiful Kari. She also makes tiles, I have found wonderful friends this past year.
And as I wrote this post I also got two more care packages in my mail. Along with a small but beautiful gift from Gaea. :)

My father and siblings sent me a basket of flowers. This was the best gift. I have not seen my father in 20+ years. I have a little sister and a nephew that I have not met. I have had a wonderful birthday filled with fame and friends. :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lori Anderson

The wonderful Lori Anderson is hosting a fantastic giveaway. She is offering five fun prizes. I entered for a mystery soup. Do hope I win I just adore her style. I have been lucky to do a trade with her. She sent me the most delightful beads and allot of vintage one also. So follow the link below Bd enter for your chance to win!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Bead Soup!

I received my bead soup from Norma T. this week. When I opened the bubble wrapped package I was greeted with a beautiful small tulip covered box.

Beautiful box and card

My soup is a beautiful browns and I absolutely love it. She included a strand of lampwork beads. They are just amazing. The clasp is a silver magnetic flower.(in the photo is looks gold)

She also included triangle stone pendant. And various matching beads. Including fresh water pearls and gemstones. Once I can take a better photo these below will be swapped out. :)

Thank You Norma you have made my first bead soup special!!Please come back July 28th to see what was made from this beautiful assortment of beads.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

BSBP Partner Announced

This is my first year participating in the BSBP hosted by the lovely Lori Anderson. My partner is Norma Turvey. We exchanged a few simple emails and my soups are on their way to her. I could not pick just one so I made her two. I am excite to be accepted this time around and look forward to next time. Please come back on July 28 for the reveal.