Friday, April 29, 2011


I woke up yesterday and got Mason out of bed, grabbed two jars of baby food from his pantry. And sat down to feed him. One of the jars, Mango, looked 1/2 full. Still I opened it, and did not hear that "freshness pop", I looked down and yep, someone opened the jar fed/ate what they wanted and stuck the jar back on the shelf. This rubbed me the wrong way. I worked at Wal-Mart, which is where I bought his supplies from. Needless to say I will not be going back to get his baby food. I know it will do no good to contact the store manager and complain. I will how ever let my friends who are still at Wal-Mart know that, it would be the public best interest if the jars are checked. I can understand grabbing a jar, if you do not have one, and your baby is upset. BUT buy the jar. It is less than a dollar!

My day steadily got better, My son is sick, he has a cold that is causing his cried to come out in squeaks and squalls. It is sad, but kinda cute to hear him. All he wants to do is sleep, Which is how my daughter is when she is sick. My day really brightened up, even though we were under a bad storm, to see FedEx pull down my driveway and deliver my first box from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads. I am expecting a box today. And then one from Fusion Beads Monday. I have already received my boxes from Lima Beads and one from Fusion Beads, which was beads from the Easter egg hunt and wire spools. My wonderful husband, bought me the Bead Manager, And of course all the beads I purchased this past month. I am slowly doing inventory all the beads I have bought threw the mail. I have not started the ones that I bought at stores. This will take forever, I still have a pile of pieces to photograph and upload.

Today my Mother-in-Law is coming to see the baby, And I should be cleaning up for her welcome. But I really don't feel to good. I believe I am catching what Mason and Mark have. I will make it threw the morning cleaning with my pot of coffee. I will photograph the beads after my delivery today. I did expect them to be bigger beads, There all small, I really need to look at the sizes when I click to buy them. :) Have a wonderful day!.

I am still waiting for one winner of the Layers Adorned Giveaway to contact me, But Tracey and Mellisa I will get your beads out this weekend. Thanks for entering!.

Monday, April 25, 2011

~Easter Weekend and Layers Adorned Giveaway~

We went to my Great-Aunts house for a Easter Egg hunt and Mason "found" 20 eggs with Grandma and Daddies help. He is here holding his Easter present with Grandma and being pinched by Daddy. He had a good time visiting Family and playing with the kids.

Now on to the giveaway.. I had three entires and believe all of you should be winners this go around!! I have checked my stash and do have enough of the items in the giveaway to send out to you. So.  Tracey, Caras Designs and Mellisa please send me your addresses and I will have the prize packs sent out to you. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!! Any questions please email me. (stepha78 @

Friday, April 8, 2011

Mason's First Tooth

My son has his first tooth coming in. He is teething very well, he does fever a little, But over all it is thus far a easy milestone. My daughter (12) was a very easy teether also. Hopefully he will stay a happy baby thew this time.