Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Recap

It is Monday and I wish the weekend could have lasted a little longer. We have a eventful and busy one. Saturday we went to see marks father and did some back to school shopping for my daughter. She is going into 7th grade. I am very surprised that she passed 6th grade. She had a very hard year emotionally and mentally. I will blog about that some other time.

Mya Nicole and Timothy Brayden
She is my little artist. She loves to draw anime. She is at that long stage of being uncomfortable in her skin. She is by far a girly-girl.  And shopping for her was not easy. I got her one southpole shirt from the mens section. Two other shirts were black and gray. and the one I loved the most was shaped like a poncho. We also got Mason some clothes, He is in 3T already! He is a chunk.. We got Timothy superman onsie/pants and a romper.

I read in a book that a one year old should be able to make a tower four blocks high.  I was curious how high Mason could build. Unfortunately he didn't have any blocks. So we fixed that.:)

Timothy and the blocks

I had a hard time getting Mason to sit with us and play. After a little coaxing he joined us. Along with trying to eat the blocks. He finally started to stack the blocks. I was so happy. :)

Seven blocks high!!
I was equally happy when he stacked seven blocks. It fell over but we both were so happy.
Tomorrow I will blog about his new big (BIG) boy bed..

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j.a.n.e said...

Oh Stepha, the kids are amazing and u shouldn't worry about what u read, when it comes to what your kid should or shouldn't be doing.. remember if u believe everything u read, better not read.. lol