Friday, August 17, 2012

Handmade Componets.

I am not by far the best handmade jewelry designer. I am not exactly new at it, I have had beads in my possession for nearly 10 years. I got serious about jewelry making when I met my Husband, four years ago. He poured money in to "my" company and still stands beside me with support. I am steadily working on a way to store my jewelry and beads/supplies.

But this post is about making components yourself. I have always admired artist who made their own components. And wished I would follow them in  their knowledge. A new friend Patti Vanderbloemen mailed me a few directions on making simple components. And I made a pair of ear wires. She also suggested that I look for free E-courses online and last night I finally did. With my copper wire and basic tools, plus a bail making pliers. I sat on my uncomfortable couch and watched videos. After the first run, I restarted and followed along. My first attempts were a bit wonky and rustic looking. But after awhile I managed to crank out some decent looking clasps. I even embellished a few with crystals and glass pearls.

I made a few with out watching videos and them the ideas started flowing. I am again nowhere near being able to do anything fancy with wire wrapping. But I am pleased with my work. And will use my new clasps, and continue to hone my wiring skills. 

Below you can see my various clasps. :)

All I need to do is hammer them.

Resources: The following websites are where I found the videos. If you know of anymore, please let me know. :)


Rising Designs said...

Stephanie, you could SELL these. Great job!!

Patti Van said...

GREAT JOB! At least you started with copper! When I started making components waaaayyy back, all I had was silver on hand. Lots of scrap was made during that time! Glad you found some videos! You should also go to, CLICK ON "create and learn" and there some other techniques there as well. Pretty much all of the major online beading stores have tips and tricks!

Looks like you are enjoying yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been doing this (seriously) about 4 years and my husband has also been supporting my habit. I mean "company". I think you did a great job and now I have to go do it too. I knew it as soon as my BSBP partner sent me a wire wrapped toggle, but seeing your work has motivated me to start practicing.