Friday, July 6, 2012

Bead Soup!

I received my bead soup from Norma T. this week. When I opened the bubble wrapped package I was greeted with a beautiful small tulip covered box.

Beautiful box and card

My soup is a beautiful browns and I absolutely love it. She included a strand of lampwork beads. They are just amazing. The clasp is a silver magnetic flower.(in the photo is looks gold)

She also included triangle stone pendant. And various matching beads. Including fresh water pearls and gemstones. Once I can take a better photo these below will be swapped out. :)

Thank You Norma you have made my first bead soup special!!Please come back July 28th to see what was made from this beautiful assortment of beads.

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Tanya Ozanne said...

Lovely blog Thank you Love and hugs Tanya