Saturday, July 14, 2012

34th Birthday

I turned 34 on the 12th of this month. And I am not ashamed of my age. I have had three beautiful children and found my soul mate in those 34 years.

I was surprised by a gift from a new friend. She sent me two wonderful books along with a portion of her beady stash. I have also received a handful of beautiful handmade tiles from a wonderful Marie of SkyeJewels. Along with a care package from the beautiful Kari. She also makes tiles, I have found wonderful friends this past year.
And as I wrote this post I also got two more care packages in my mail. Along with a small but beautiful gift from Gaea. :)

My father and siblings sent me a basket of flowers. This was the best gift. I have not seen my father in 20+ years. I have a little sister and a nephew that I have not met. I have had a wonderful birthday filled with fame and friends. :)


Sharyl said...

I'm late, but didn't realize it was your b-day a couple weeks ago! Glad it was such a happy one for you! I'll add my late wishes to the rest!

j.a.n.e said...

I'm sorry I forgot about your birthday Stepha.. when my pc is messed up, I can't think straight.. I knew something was going on that day but couldn't remember... I'm happy u got lots of love *hugs* .. text me when u can lady!