Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I am a very happy girl right now. My husband bought me a 19 inch flat screen tv, to use as my computer screen. My laptop screen is broken. I love my laptop. It is where my pictures are kept. I am getting use to the small print on this new screen.

In other news we are moving in to a apartment and I am super excited. The boys will have to share a room for a while. But Nicole will get her own room. Things are getting stressed living with his mom and step-dad.

 Timothy is a month old now, I cannot believe that I have two kids still in diapers. I decided to try the Nuva Ring this time. I am not entirely sure how long it has to be in your body to start working, I am *hoping* it works right away. If not their is a *BIG* change we will be expecting baby number 4 in the fall. I do not want three babies in diapers.

My wonderful daughter, Nicole, has told me I will have one more baby and it will finally be a girl. I sure hope she is not right. She told me when I was pregnant with Mason that we would have another baby, and I found out I was pregnant six months later.

I am planning a giveaway of most of my Cousin charms. I sat down with my bin and emptied it out keeping some and putting what I had doubles and triples of in a bag. I will pick four winners, If anybody enters.  I should have that blog up tomorrow. I am aslo planning a bead give away with a black glass bead. I bought a strand offline and they are big beads. I have no idea how you  would use this, and am curious to see how others would use it.  That blog will be after I move in to my apartment.


Tracey N. said...

Glad to see you back Stepha. Sounds like things are looking up for you! I will enter your giveaway, and will post about it on my blog once you post about it on your blog. Take care!

Mellisa said...

Blogging should be great with that new computer screen! Nice to see you're back!