Saturday, January 14, 2012

Timothy Brayden Stamper

I am on my third day out of the hospital. And am still in allot of pain. Mostly due to the staples and the fact they keep popping. I have an appointment Monday to have them removed. I am happy to announce the newest addition to our family. Timothy Brayden Stamper, he arrived via C-section at 8:04 am.  He weighed in at 8.2 and was 19 inches. He has dark blue eyes and blonde hair. He is much smaller than his older brother, Mason was at birth.

Mason is curious about him, and will try to share a toy with him, He is also quite  jealous of the attention now being shared. He is no longer the "baby". And will do things to get attention put back on him, This usually consists of him rattling the baby gate, that he has broken, or pulling on the doors to the TV stand.
  In other news I have signed up to join Lori Anderson's Bead soup blog party. She has announced that not all entries will be accepted due to the overwhelming amount that has signed up. I hope not to be one that is cut from the list. But do understand if it does happen. I will then just try again next go around. It does look like so much fun. I am also going to try and locate the Sisterhood of the traveling bead box. I lost track of it awhile back. I did ask a friend to do a bead swap with myself. I have a pile of stuff awaiting to be shipped to her.
I subscribed to stringing and received a bill, asking if I enjoyed my first issue. I have not received a first issue.


j.a.n.e said...

awww Stepha.. he is so sweet! ... hope u both are well and stay that way... Congrats!!! *hugs*

Copper Diem said...

He is a cutie!

That is too funny about the magazine bill.