Sunday, May 8, 2011

Farmers Market Fun..

Despite my surprising pregnancy news, and lack of a table and tent. I gathered my jewelry and sat up late Friday night pricing and sorting the "ugly, what were you thinking" stuff out. I planned to make children bracelets and more earrings. But Mark shut the lights out and dragged me to bed. Needless to say I did not sleep very well. Failure kept coming in to my head. If I had not promised Jackie Kite from City of Lake City Rep. I would show up, I would have stayed home.  I planned to get up at 5:30 am and finish making more pieces, I slept till 6:30 got up and printed out more business cards and packed everything. Got Mark and Mason up. We headed out the door. I met Jackie and her partner at the Lake and she managed to get me a table. We set up with what we had around the house for displays. I have never participated in a Market/Fair and was very out of place. Of course I wore a black long sleeve shirt. We were on the end, In direct sun. Marks beach umbrella would not stay up. It could not have been more funny. Mason had a good time. He sat in his stroller and smiled at each curious face.

I forgot we would need change so I borrowed $50.00 from my grandmother and promised to pay it back at the end of the day. Mark had to run to the bank and cash her check. I made my first sale while he was gone. A pair of earrings for $5.00. That made me feel good. I said I would be happy with just one sale. I made $116.00 in the 5 hours we were their. Some items got more notice than others, but did not sale. I will post pictures of what I did sale. I was very happy that I made enough to pay my grandmother and buy my own tent. I walked away from this experience with money and a sunburn. It was well worth it! If any of my more experienced friends have any suggestions please let me know. Happy Mothers Day Everyone!!

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Pretty Things said...

LOVE the green tablecloth -- color really will attract customers, you know?

And I hope to see you shopping around at Bead and Button -- you won't be able to miss the hot pink hair around the bottom of my head. I just got it redone today and had it done up a little higher on the head just for B&B!