Friday, August 19, 2011

Baby updates.

We are happy to announce that I am 19 weeks, and were having another boy. Mya and Mason will have a little brother. We are thinking about not useing another M name. I am due Janurary 13, 2012, We are guessing he will arrive via C-section on Jan 12, 2012. My doctor only does C-sections Tuesday and Thursdays. Mason was due 10-10-10 but I had my C-section on 10-12-10. Mark is still job hunting, he has had two interviews today. And we have looked in to low-income housing. It is not a choice we want to make, but it beats living in a shelter where we have to worry about the state taking our kids.  I do have a contest/giveaway in mind. I will post it either tonight or tomorrow. Have a wonderful afternoon!! 

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