Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Beed Peeps: Meet My Partner for the Swap and Hop (Part One)

I have not participate in a blog hop or swap and hop in over a year. With two very young boys at home and being pregnant, it took up a majority of my time. So all my beading paraphernalia got shifted to a closet in the living room. Now that three out of my four kids are in school. I am starting to join in on the swap and hopping fun.

My partner this swap is Chris Haussler, He lives in a small town in Nebraska.  And is the middle child of FIVE boys. I feel for his mother if they were anything like my rowdy boys.

He is a delightful man to chat with and a amazing marble maker. When my boys are older enough to appreciate the craftsmanship of hand made marbles, and not attempt to eat them, I will start a collection using Chris's marbles.

Looks like a swarm of stars.

These remind me of the huge lollipops you get at
 novelty candy shoppes.

Beautiful little marbles.

 Chris also makes lamp work beads, sculptures. They are equally as delightful as the marbles. He is been crafting these beauties for 8 years.
The top purple one calls to me. 

The acorns are beautifully crafted.

I can see dainty wild flowers sitting in this
on my window seal. 

With his Wife (Stephanie) and Daughter (Mina) by his side they work shows and sell their beauties.

All photos used are copyrighted to Chris and Stephanie Haussler

I look forward to chatting with Chris (and wife) when this swap and hop is over. Now I am off to finish gathering beads and such to send to this amazing artist.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Welcome to the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party ® 3rd and Final Reveal!

This was my second year participating in the BSBP. My beautiful partner was JuLee Wolfe. She is an amazing designer with polymer clay. She sent me the wonder bounty of beads below.

An Assortment of greenery. 

While I was making my three designs, I wanted to make so much more, but I started getting ill and had to stop playing in the beads.. The illness turned out to be something very shocking and unexpected. I am sure the photograph below will show what it turned out to be.

Due Dec 20th

Well below are the three designs I have made. I would like to thank JuLee for the beautiful beads. I loved them and plan to use my left overs for an wall art.

 Pendant is from Marie of More Skye Jewels.  And random glass bell flowers and leaves. The pendant is a tree and I believe it suited the greenery theme that JuLee started.

Copper chain and the leaf toggle sent by JuLee. I loved the clasp and wish I could have horded it. 

 I used a simple sari silk  ribbon and tied it to her smaller focal wire wrapped a owl half way up one side and made a very simple necklace. This was made when my nausea and irritability started.

Last are the earrings that I made first. They are completely simple and used head pins from Marie, and earwires from Patti. My photo graphs are rushed and I apologize that they are not grand like most of the ones I see.

Thank you to Lori Anderson for hosting and allowing me to join the 7th BSBP. I am looking forward to the 8th. :) Have a wonderful hop!!

You can visit the wonderful participants of this years BSBP by following the link below.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Giveaways and a Zoo Pictorial.

Next TEN customers will win a surprise giveaway. It will either be a gift certificate or a jewelry surprise. It will be a piece of jewelry of equal value. Gift certificates will range from $5.00 up to $10.00.  I will be giving away 5 Certificates and 5 jewelry pieces.

Now for the zoorific pictorial.  Mark and I took the kids to the zoo about two weeks ago. And I managed to snap a few photo's. Enjoy! 

Jacksonville skyline

I love water views


I drove over this huge bridge alone.. it was a nightmare..

I will never put my kids in a costume again.. He came home with a single lice bug...